Upcoming Gigs

Baildon (The Copper Beech Club) – 2019 Date Confirmed

  • Where: The Copper Beech Club, 31 Northgate(Above the Co-op), Baildon, West Yorkshire BD17 6JZ
  • When: Friday 26th April 2019

The Copper Beech Club is putting on all sorts of events through 2019

Here are more details of where to find it and a link to their events page.


Harrogate – 2019 Date Confirmed

  • Where: The Sun Inn, Norwood (HG3 1SZ)
  • When: Saturday 1st June 2019.

Highway have played a few bike rallies, in and around Harrogate and back in 2017 we revisited a well known Harrogate Pub that in the past was renowned for putting on the very best of local talent and wished to revive this.

The Sun Inn at Norwood, is a great pub that bikers love to have a ride out to. When we play people are welcome to camp in the field and stop in Camper vans in the car park and the locals all came and join in. What a party atmosphere. It has now become an annual event and the band and the staff are all looking forward a repeat performance next year in June.

Huddersfield - Willsfest 2019!

  • Where: Organised by the Wills ‘O Nats Pub in Huddersfield
  • When: Saturday 6th July 2019

We are told that Huddersfields Willsfest is one of the oldest and longest running festivals around before lots of the others started up.

Large Outside stage with Excellent Sound and Light setup supplied by Phil of Darkside sound and lighting.

Starting at 4pm; 3 bands each perform a solid 90 minute set!

More details to follow...

Bingley (The Arts Centre) – Big Stage Gig – Date Agreed – Saturday October 12th 2019

  • Where: The Bingley Arts Centre (also known as Bingley Little Theatre)
  • When: Autumn 2019

In 2018, Highway teamed up with a local promoter and Bingley Arts Centre, to put on the biggest celebration of ACDC that we have ever done..

We put on all the extras that you would want from a Big Budget, Big Stage Gig.

Full sound system, special effects, extra lighting, pyros, flames and Canons, with more planned in the future.

We also gave the opportunity for a very talented local band to support, showcasing their own music for an up and coming album and we hope we can provide a platform for another similar group, next time.

We have now agreed that in 2019 we will put on an even bigger show featuring our longest ever set of AC/DC hits.

For more information, you can call Matthew on 07970759963 or email: matthew@wildman.co.uk

Keighley – 2020 Date Waiting to confirm

  • Where: The Exchange (BD21 2JZ)
  • When: Saturday 1st February 2020

The stage, sound system and lights at the exchange are perfect for the venue.

Every time we play here it sells out.

If you are interested in not missing out on future tickets, you can email matthew@wildman.co.uk and get yourself onto the priority list, to be emailed when the next date is announced.