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I helped Andrew Farrell put the original band “Highway To Hull” together, back in the early Naughties.
We formed Highway with members of our original 1980’s band Sensei.

The new group was originally called Powerage, before we realised that we needed a more unique name.
We also wanted to reflect that we are a band of Yorkshire lads.

“Highway to Hull – ACDC the Yorkshire way!”

If a gig is worth putting on, then it’s worth doing right.
If we are playing a pub, then we are limited to how much of a show we can put on. However, with the bigger gigs, if we can put more into the show, then we will try to do it.

Stage, Lights, Sound, Canons, Pyros, Special Guests, you name it.
The only reason the ticket prices are greater for the big gigs, is so that we can use the funds to put on a bigger show. So you know you will never pay over the odds for one of our gigs and we will always give you value for money.

As long as you are enjoying what we are doing, then let’s see how far this roller coaster ride can go shall we?


I have tried to help make every single year with the band, better than the year before. 2019 will be no exception and is already looking like it will be something really special.

I couldn’t be happier with the great line up that we now have in the band. It’s not just about playing on stage, but how we get on as a group when we are rehearsing on a cold winters night and compromising on things we don’t agree on.
That’s when you know you’re mates first and band second.

I hope our friendship and how much we get on with each other comes across when we are on stage.


I started as a Manager of Local rock bands back in the 1980’s
Helping to promote local venues and bands and building the local music scene.

The highlight of this time was probably putting on a big charity fund raiser at St. Georges Hall
This featured local bands Excalibur, Harlequin, Silence & Lemonoid.

My first time drumming on stage was an appearance with Lemonoid shortly before the band disbanded (and not because I'd joined!).

Other Bands

I have had several guest spots with other bands over the years.
I have enjoyed meeting lots of other musicians and learnt a great deal from them.

My own bands have included:

  • Sensei
  • Phtang
  • Old Gits on the block
  • Somerset Avenue
  • Highway to Hull