Mick 'The Metal' Walsh

MICK 'The Metal' WALSH - Rhythm Guitar

Mick Walsh, I play Malcolm's role, which is supposed to be just standing at the back bashing out the rhythm then coming forward for the backing vocals. I don't. I get into it from the first chords of Riff Raff and generally headbang all through the set, involving myself around the stage, if you're doing this job you might as well pretend to be a rockstar.

'm 52 years old, started playing guitar at the age of 21, was taught jazz for two years before finding a friend to teach me all ways of thrash, then moved onto various rock stuff & never looked back.

First guitar was a right handed Westbury Standard strung up lefty, then bought my go-to workhorse, a Yamaha RGX312, sprayed it black, fitted an EMG, sounds like a beast. Had it for 30 years now. Other guitars in the arsenal are a BC Rich Warlock, Jackson, Hamer quilted top and a beautiful Tokai Explorer which is too heavy to have round my neck for a 2 hour show. Other equipment is 2 x Marshall Valvestate 100w heads, Marshall 1960 300w bottom cab, , no pedals, straight into the amp turned up to 11.

Musical interests range from Pink Floyd all the way through to death metal, some favourite artists include The Human League, Talking Heads, Caro Emerald, early Iron Maiden, Queens Of The Stone Age, Dimmu Borgir, Obituary, generally anything with a groove, be it heavy or light..

I like all kinds of films, comedies and horror especially, Snatch usually gets a watch around once a month, as does Blues Brothers when the wifes not around. Enjoy seeing comedians live, as well as the odd big gig now and again. My festival days are over, too old to stand in a field all day with the risk of getting pissed wet through.

Been in the same job for the last 30 years so I guess I'm reliable. Been a member of Highway To Hull for 11 years and still get a buzz out of playing these tunes.

Fave AC/DC song? Squealer.. but it may change tomorrow..