08/07/19 – * * * VOCALIST NEEDED * * *

Can anyone who knows a vocalist who would like to Audition to sing ACDC with us please encourage them to call.
More importantly than anything, we really enjoy what we do and want to continue to do this after our wonderful friend and colleague Charlie moves to Cornwall and leaves us with a huge gap in the band to fill.

Don’t be shy, call us and come and have a go.
If nothing else, you get to come along and have a fun hour with us.

05/04/19 – We are all looking forward to appearing to play at a surprise gig tomorrow.
Better not say any more for now!

01/04/19 – * * * Vocalist wanted * * *
Fancy having a go at singing ACDC?
With Charlie now planning to relocate, we have the difficult challenge of replacing someone as good as him.
We are inviting people to come along to a rehearsal and have a go.
Call Matthew on 07970759963 and have a chat?

23/03/19 – * * * BREAKING NEWS * * *
Charlie is relocating and will have to leave Highway to Hull by the end of this year.
Charlie has been a fantastic member of the group in every way possible and we are gutted that he has to leave.
Charlie will still be playing the gigs we have booked, so come along and see Charlie whilst you can.
Let’s all give him the best “send off” we can.

28/01/19 – * * SOLD OUT * * for the Keighley Music exchange

10/01/19 – Special Guest Confirmed to join us at Keighley Music Exchange on Saturday 2nd February.

24/01/19 – Harrogate gig date changed from the 8th June.
We will now be playing the Sun Inn on Saturday 1st June 2019.

25/01/19 – Final preparations made for the gig at Keighley next week.
Warning … This venue has sold out each time we have played here.
A large amount of tickets have already sold in advance, so get your tickets early with online booking, if you want to be sure to get in.